Grungy Cover Art

Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.


This would be something that I would like gracing a cover of an album. This picture was inspired and totally unplanned.  After viewing the image , I had a clear idea how I wanted it to look and this was it  —  super moody with some pop of color and it is something I’m visually into now.

Speaking of the kind of music that this image would represent , I think Grunge would be it.  One moody album with some tracks with up tempo drum beats (representing happy –  which ultimately ties in with the pop of color in the photo).

The reason I chose music over a book  is because it fits well . I assume that the kind of visuals that go into making a book cover are usually different as compared to music albums.

All in all super happy that I could fit this image into the weekly theme. *Hurray* 🙌

So folks,what is your favorite album or book cover?

PS: Speaking of grunge, been  listening to Sonic highways -Foo Fighters? What’d ya think of it ?

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