The Corridor

His fate was on the other side of the corridor. #fiction #microstory #vignette


Holding On To that Silver Lining

Keep on holding on #poetry


Santa’s Having an Existential Crisis Kids and It’s Looking Pretty Unchristmassy

A satire Kids, let me tell ya. It is not fun being a Santa freakin' Claus. I have my reasons. Sure, you think, 'well this guy works one day a year, what's his goddamn problem'. I have a ton, a bunch of them I can list. I am old.I am branded with a red and… Continue reading Santa’s Having an Existential Crisis Kids and It’s Looking Pretty Unchristmassy

Monochrome Till Eyes Can See

It's getting colder on this side. The winter palette is here and it's all grey! ___________ ©flyingonemptythoughts  


All I want you to do right now is write a love letter to yourself, that’s all

If you are reading this, I want you to do just that. Just because. We're pretty harsh on ourselves and sometimes hinder everything good happening, because we step in your own way. Take time to appreciate who you are, however you are. Don't know how to do that? Imagine yourself as your best friend and… Continue reading All I want you to do right now is write a love letter to yourself, that’s all

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13 things you’ll learn when you shift countries

Overhauling your life across continents doesn't always make you a better person. I'm learning to do just that. Moved to Canada exactly a month ago. Better opportunities, yada yada yada. If I could underplay it, I'd say I wanted to shake things up, big time. Seems like I am doing it. Just a month and… Continue reading 13 things you’ll learn when you shift countries

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Stranger In A Strange Land

I don't have any positives to say today. But then I never did, This kind of a solitude, isn't something I was looking for, not something I need. At times like these, words can become your friend or your worst enemy because there is so much of it! I wish I didn't have so much… Continue reading Stranger In A Strange Land

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Shades of Rain

The fall, And the city slicks, Everywhere I go, It follows. Rains, Those pesky clouds, Can't do without them, Can't stand the mess they make. Camera: One Plus 5T Editing: VSCO ©flyingonemptythoughts


I Don’t Know

I don't know how to arrange these words, So they'd make sense, Somehow. I don't know how to be there, sometimes, When it all counts. I don't know how to get out of my head, We seem closer there, It is a mess; an exhausting chaos. I don't know my resolve, anymore, It shatters at… Continue reading I Don’t Know

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On The Right Track

Ever feel like all these tracks in your life, Run parallel? Like everything that you love and seek, Is besides you, you can see it surely But the fates won't allow you to meet? And you ultimately wonder, 'Am I on the right track? Do I even bother accelerating my speed?' Camera: One Plus 5T… Continue reading On The Right Track

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A Portrait That Walks Away

It's amazing how you have zero expectations and things just seem to work out.

Humor, satire

How To Hide Your Feelings And Pretend To Be Dead From Inside

Taking about my favorite thing to do 😀


Today We Stop Pretending 

What if, For a day we could all stop pretending To be good, bad, cool, sufficient, independent, happy. When I ask, if everything is okay, You actually tell me what's on your mind Rather than a meagre 'I'm fine'. What if we just went with the flow, Actually spoke our minds, Everything that bothers us,… Continue reading Today We Stop Pretending