On The Right Track

Ever feel like all these tracks in your life, Run parallel? Like everything that you love and seek, Is besides you, you can see it surely But the fates won’t allow you to meet? And you ultimately wonder, ‘Am I on the right track? Do I even bother accelerating my speed?’ Camera: One Plus 5T…

A Portrait That Walks Away

It’s amazing how you have zero expectations and things just seem to work out.

Today We Stop Pretending 

What if, For a day we could all stop pretending To be good, bad, cool, sufficient, independent, happy. When I ask, if everything is okay, You actually tell me what’s on your mind Rather than a meagre ‘I’m fine’. What if we just went with the flow, Actually spoke our minds, Everything that bothers us,…

Soul, So Old

Does your soul smell the stench of existence, Same as me, Does it bawk at the lack of sincerity, Of the world. Does your soul match mine In its search for something worthwhile, Something it can devour whole. Is your search over, So mine can begin Did you find yours Reaching out to you, Pulling…

You Aren’t As Important

You give all this real estate in your mind and heart But did you ever stop to think, That maybe, just maybe, You aren’t as important to them As you made them to be. It is time, Move on or over. ___________ ©flyingonemptythoughts  

Wish It Was This Easy

And you, I wish I knew what I am doing with you,
Because, God knows, I have no idea how to get out of the mess, this time.

2:45 am

Your conscience is not your friend.

Go Outside! 

When life gives you lemons, throw them and go outside!