Keep On Swimming

A perpetual life draft.


Today We Stop Pretending 

What if, For a day we could all stop pretending To be good, bad, cool, sufficient, independent, happy. When I ask, if everything is okay, You actually tell me what’s on your mind Rather than a meagre ‘I’m fine’. What if we just went with the flow, Actually spoke our minds, Everything that bothers us,…

You Aren’t As Important

You give all this real estate in your mind and heart But did you ever stop to think, That maybe, just maybe, You aren’t as important to them As you made them to be. It is time, Move on or over. ___________ ©flyingonemptythoughts  

2:45 am

Your conscience is not your friend.

Go Outside! 

When life gives you lemons, throw them and go outside!


Feelings Are Exhausting 

Don’t you ever wish you could  Walk through life numb No hard feelings to spook you Or mess you up.   Arrrrrrghhhhh Fighting to exhaustion Tired Berated Despondent Finding a way to shed them.   Feelings are like an annoying flu That catches hold and won’t let go. A sheer misery.  Searching for a robotic…