Feelings Are Exhausting 

Don’t you ever wish you could  Walk through life numb No hard feelings to spook you Or mess you up.   Arrrrrrghhhhh Fighting to exhaustion Tired Berated Despondent Finding a way to shed them.   Feelings are like an annoying flu That catches hold and won’t let go. A sheer misery.  Searching for a robotic…


There are moments when our hearts are so open Grateful Abundant with affection Gratitude and love As if there were no bounds It would explode with warmth Happiness Those moments of absolute bliss Of wonder and rare Those we seek. In those moments, however fleeting Life is complete. Thanks for taking time to read! If you…

Holding onto the words

Days like these You want to curl up with a book and read Before the thoughts leak into your dreams Before the dawn grabs a hold of you As the words start pulling you in The world seems a bit bigger, just then As you fall asleep. ©flyingonemptythoughts        Liked this? Click here…


I saw you,the flicker of your eyes and the curve of your smile at the sun, I saw your hand holding a camera Capturing the world. I felt the need for me to see this See this stranger – you – the only face in myriad of crowd I don’t have a reason or excuse to…

Super Agile Ninja

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.” My response for prompt – “Bacteria”, I swear it’s this prompt app! Get ready for more silliness : Note: This legibility was achieved after 10 tries. The scribble is bad enough that I had to go through multiple edits to make  it  pretty . *big sigh*….


The mountains speak, Stories of past, Of what once was, You’ll never believe We need to get there Sit amid the green Listen,listen… Your soul seeks..

Seeking Faith

The search never ends Faith , good or bad? Open for disappointments Expectations Gives Sorrows? Happiness? and maybe strength Seeking faith In god, in life, In me? In time Once a seekers, Always a seeker.. Does it ever end? Faith Can you hold it In your palms For a rainy day The wait has begun….