Holding onto the words

Days like these You want to curl up with a book and read Before the thoughts leak into your dreams Before the dawn grabs a hold of you As the words start pulling you in The world seems a bit bigger, just then As you fall asleep. ©flyingonemptythoughts        Liked this? Click here…

Fireworks 🎆

The yellow,orange and gold, Their flickers flow, Release, launch, Show The world down below. Diwali : festival celebrating victory of good over evil. Across India,Diwali is celebrated a bit differently, but at heart the concept is the same. Spread cheer, food and laughter among loved ones and neigbours. Capturing these images within a short time was…

The conflict

They don’t really want you to be yourself, do they?

What music is…

Bunch of chords together And some riffs added in Bunch of voices together Find a soul

I might just cry.

That feeling when you trying to keep yourself together. Hardly.