The Curious Case Of Verbal Diarrhea

The  Definition… Verbal diarrhea is a condition afflicting every three people,this claim hasn’t been confirmed or proved in any studies whatsoever, its purely from observation. Symptoms: Blabbering Inability to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Awkwardness Lots of shrugging Going off topic/ Deflecting. So what is it exactly like ,to have this uhm… “condition”? Remember the time you were pissed off,mad,sad,lonely,happy,worried (boredom not included since it’s the easiest emotion to convey ) in short highly emotional about something. Remember those amazingly structured lines in your head,honestly,sounding quite awesome and could probably win you a award for  being eloquent.Here’s how it sounds when its spoken ‘uh …ah… Ohh… okay’ occasionally peppered with some sensible words,shrugging,blabbering and the works,which in effect doesn’t fail to mislead or give a wrong impression than the point your trying to make. Finally,what it does is frustrate everyone around,most definitely you. What do I do, what do I do, I have verbal diarrhea?!! For start you could try and calm the heck down,take deep breaths,and think what you need to say and say it… and if for some reason you still can’t ,you can write a song about it,blog,publish a memoir and become a famous personality.No worries you can turn it into your advantage ,why do you think there are so many celebs out there..they all start out by ranting in some form or the other. So go ahead and take those teeny-tiny baby steps…you know you can do it!

How to be an awesome procrastinator.

Things you need: You will need:a lot of productive time, insane attitude, a deadline,creativity. There are few things in life that you could be very good at , which in reality doesn’t matter one bit. One of those things is being a pro at Procrastination.(hah I bring the pro in procrastination :D) . The first thing you…