The Fire

The fire caught on with me. • At first I didn’t pay any heed It was far away For me to even care. • I tried ignoring the flames As they burned every solid thing down It spread, I did not expect this I walked on Instead. • The fire was on my steps It…

It will keep you float

It’s been rough couple of months — almost a year. Trying to stay sane. Trying to say all that without sounding sorry for myself (that’s not the intention). But through the dark times I am learning two things – love & friendship — it will carry you through those rough patches. It’s not going to…

The Corridor

His fate was on the other side of the corridor. #fiction #microstory #vignette

The Anchor

the four letter word is the anchor #poetry

Monochrome Till Eyes Can See

It’s getting colder on this side. The winter palette is here and it’s all grey! View this post on Instagram The art of getting lost for the sake of 🍕 A post shared by Srilata (@srilata.24) on Nov 8, 2018 at 7:32pm PST View this post on Instagram •lobby that Stephen King would be proud…