I saw you,the flicker of your eyes and the curve of your smile at the sun, I saw your hand holding a camera Capturing the world. I felt the need for me to see this See this stranger – you – the only face in myriad of crowd I don’t have a reason or excuse to…

Fireworks 🎆

The yellow,orange and gold, Their flickers flow, Release, launch, Show The world down below. Diwali : festival celebrating victory of good over evil. Across India,Diwali is celebrated a bit differently, but at heart the concept is the same. Spread cheer, food and laughter among loved ones and neigbours. Capturing these images within a short time was…

The conflict

They don’t really want you to be yourself, do they?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fight or Flight.”   Hardly know If your presence irritates Or excites me Want none of it Don’t want to drown In an emotional whirlpool Of thoughts    

I might just cry.

That feeling when you trying to keep yourself together. Hardly.



Dear Brain. stop being moody.