Something Is Amiss Today In My Soul

Do you snap out of this like an elastic?



Yesterday I Promised To Write You Off

When you move on you lose a muse. Oh well.


There are moments when our hearts are so open Grateful Abundant with affection Gratitude and love As if there were no bounds It would explode with warmth Happiness Those moments of absolute bliss Of wonder and rare Those we seek. In those moments, however fleeting Life is complete. Thanks for taking time to read! If you…

Ready To Fly

Before the earth ceases to exist Before the humanity reaches Its grubby paws on ya Spread those wings And fly away. ©flyingonemptythoughts        Liked this? Click here for a Random Post.  Thanks for reading and keep smiling!

Fireworks 🎆

The yellow,orange and gold, Their flickers flow, Release, launch, Show The world down below. Diwali : festival celebrating victory of good over evil. Across India,Diwali is celebrated a bit differently, but at heart the concept is the same. Spread cheer, food and laughter among loved ones and neigbours. Capturing these images within a short time was…

The conflict

They don’t really want you to be yourself, do they?


When your head messes you up. A #poetry.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fight or Flight.”   Hardly know If your presence irritates Or excites me Want none of it Don’t want to drown In an emotional whirlpool Of thoughts    

I might just cry.

That feeling when you trying to keep yourself together. Hardly.


Smile please!

Bring your smile to me I’ll stitch it up and make it big. Happy – let no sadness show.


Dear Brain. stop being moody.


Too afraid to ask

We are too afraid to ask In fear of a no Or maybe it’s just seeing it wrong all along We fear that it might be a yes after-all But that would mean being there Whichever place,whichever time Being consistent and vulnerable To Ask Asking gives asking forgives. Maybe that’s what we need — to…

Hell Of A Friend

Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space. he’s come for yoU floating in disguise,a frienD all warm and presenT he’s swept you off your feeT off the face of the eartH into fires of helL now there ain’t no paiN comfort in dazE in numbnesS — closed iN and kept awaY ©  ©flyingonemptythoughts You’d also like……


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense. Where I am now,everything seems a whole mess of confusion.The plan for future is to stay focused and take small steps. Get confused and start all over again. I suppose that’s the only way. “What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.” ― Salvador Dalí “I try to…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Abstraction

Weekly Writing Challenge: Abstraction. Mountain Fire Dancing Seahorses The party begins For every mountain fire There is a sea-horse Now I’ve had my say As far as abstraction goes No more. ©