One sure sign of ageing: You can’t handle your caffeine

Caffeine addiction is real.

I don’t think I can go for two days without it. More than a necessity, it has become a ritual. Some days I wake up with the motivation of being a hot cup of coffee, burning my soul into action.

Off late, I’ve been ruminating if I should quit. I have done so in the past and it hasn’t been bad. I had a cup of coffee late afternoon and I can sense it crawling beneath my veins. 

I am in my late-twenties and let me tell you feeling ancient is a real thing.

The other day I threw out my back running an errand. What was the errand you ask, it trying to wear a rain jacket.

I’m struggling, the insomnia is killing me. When I am not typing random stuff, and liking memes, I tend to overthink.

I guess in the process somewhere I am also learning. Learning to take each day as is, learning to not make myself miserable with worry. Learning to be patient and kind to my biggest ally, me.

Learning that I am getting old and somehow it feels monumental and trying to process the grief of passing time.

When I see or read people trying to stay young and take ridiculous measures to do so, I’d laugh. Now? I understand their reasons! 

There is possibly no inherent value in this kind of content on this blog. I just thought I’d honour the blog name. Empty thoughts are better off buried online than somewhere in the inside of my brain, keeping me awake at 4 am.

If the question was do you need to read this, the answer is probably not.


Let’s be miserable together and talk about this ‘growing up’ bit in the comments?

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  1. I love this post. I feel like this is exactly how anyone evolves. As even I mentioned in one of my blog plot this is a time where we can look within and eventually get to know ourselves really well. 🙂


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