Reimagining Toronto as a Black & White Indie Movie

Thank heavens for Snapseed, I’ve been imagining Toronto as part of some indie movie in my head with some Black and White photography.

It’s a style that I’ve been experimenting for a while and it fits right in with Street Photography.

It has been a surprisingly rewarding venture for me artistically. Of the tonne of pictures that I click while commuting in and around Toronto, I have been able to capture some moments that I think have that ‘cinematic’ quality. I might be quite generous with that assertion.

What surprises me is that during the editing process I have a very specific idea that never was there when I was capturing the city. Does this happen with you guys? I tend to lean on gut instinct in such cases anyway.

I’ve never taken to Black and White as my style earlier but past few months I’ve begun to notice that some pictures do really speak more with all that colour stripped out. Especially, with Street Photography. I’m enjoying it so far and look forward to it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am quite tardy on updating these pictures on here, but my Instagram game is stronger (whatever that means).

If you are into photography what are some of your posts that you thought were cinematic? Leave your IG art below in the comments and I’d love to explore them. ❤

Here’s some highly curated Toronto music for you – Crash Adams

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