Cold Solitude

Into the cold winter, here he goes

I’m grateful and lucky that I can enjoy the winter solitude indoors than having a reason to go outside. Some perks of the lockdown maybe?

Last year this would have been a very different scene.

In response to Pic and a word challenge


  1. Brrrrrr!!!! Damn, that looks frigid!

    There’s a parallel in the kind of quiet solitude you experience in a frigid winter and a baking desert. But you have to go outdoors to experience it. I have to admit, I kinda love both.

    However, the kind of solitude you experience indoors…. well, a winter wrapped up in blankets by a fire with a hot toddy is quite a different thing than an air-con haven from the heat. I gotta say, in that case, I prefer the winter. 🙂

    Thanks for comin’ out!

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