Is WordPress personal blogging dead?

This post would seem like an interruption from my usual drabble, but I need to write this. I’ve always been a fan of WordPress blogging, it’s been a home to my random thoughts and idiosyncrasies since 2012. That’s a long time. Through these years, I’ve seen it all. The peak and the lows, right now I think we are at the low.

The WordPress platform itself has modernised a lot BUT took away a lot of things that made it the best platform to blog. I remember seeing many fellow bloggers active during the 2012-15 phase. We had regular posts back then. Instagram was relatively primitive and people chose WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr for personal blogging. This was the place where we went to vent.

WordPress was easy for newbies like me, I explored and taught myself how to customize it, use the various features and make it easier for my readers (lol). No one knew what to do on Instagram, that kind of narcissism seemed awkward and alien back then. But as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter became more user friendly, it was easier to share – let’s be honest, vent – our stories there.

Hence, the slow decline of personal blogging on WordPress. These days, it seems WordPress is as good as dead. I hope I’m wrong.

It was easier to follow and read new content on WordPress

It was easy to find blogs on the Reader, follow them, or even manage them. We created our blog lists as per our preferences and things were simpler. Not always aesthetically pleasing but essential. I doubt anyone complained.

Skip to 2020, it is hard to find that follow button on there. We should have known the decline since they stopped publishing Daily Prompts. That was a BIG MISTAKE. Few years back, that was as crucial as using hashtags to bloggers.

The last half hour I’ve been catching up and trying to read new blogs and I am gobsmacked to not find the damn “follow” button. Turns out, you need to switch it on in your widgets for it to show up. Something, that was a default back then. A fix none of us needed, there goes the already dwindling readership.

Maybe I’m crying about the past but why mess with something not broken?

What is that! Looks like WordPress is blocking us from basics of creating a post

Yes, it has additional features. However, the basic capabilities of copy pasting text into the editor, or changing structure has become more complicated. No, I don’t want to choose the Classic Viewer manually, every time! Am I the only one?


Blogging requires planning and focus

We all are shot for attention, let’s be honest. With WordPress updates making life more complicated, the platform is for the most part still for Business consumers. Add to this complexity, you need to sit down and plan your posts, compared to a random post, it is too much to ask for. These days, it is more or less for the inspired.

And the solution is….

To make personal blogging on WordPress easier than posting on social media! That is too much to ask for, but it’s a start. AND for WordPress to stop messing under the hood and make this simple again. No, I’m not technologically challenged but I do dislike this superficial need to be cool all the time! I don’t want to look at the following column to write a post. No, I do not want to choose a line height for a block that I’m forced to use!


Is it time to “Block” WordPress?

Pun intended. Maybe it is time. A few minutes back I checked on the blogs I am following and even the most active ones haven’t posted since 2019 or a few months back. The numbers show that maybe personal blogging is dead, after all. If the big time bloggers are moving away, I hold no chance.

I think the one thing that keeps me here is my emotional investment of having had this blog for nearly a decade. I still want to make it work, but then again, I have a tendency to hold onto things that no longer serve me.

I’d love to hear from you. What do you think? Hit the comments below 🙂


  1. I do miss the simpler WordPress and the good old times when people wrote for fun and to share about their lives, tastes and passions instead of to sell something. But like you, I don’t want to give up.

    Anyway… I followed you!

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  2. It’s dead-ish.
    For me, unless you’re trying to generate an income from your blog, it’s not a big deal. I still like to read blogs that I can relate to.
    You should keep writing for you. Your followers will still read it, if they’re still around I mean.
    You have a good blog, keep writing!

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