Emily in Paris nails the Social Media Strategy? : A review from a Marketer

I binged the entire season 1 of Emily in Paris in one sitting.

I don’t get the hate. Here’s why.

The show was never meant to be a cinematic masterpiece, therefore it is not accurate in logic or in marketing speak – Reason to Believe. It was meant to be an easy refresher at the end of a long workday!

The reviews going about inaccurate stereotypes of the French and Europeans makes me wonder, why is everyone taking this little show so seriously. It seems to be a staple summer/fall-ish content that is feel-good; honestly, I would say we needed this in 2020. Everything else on Netflix is SO INTENSE.

This is no Stranger Things. This is a light rom-com that you watch and forget it few days letter. It’s comfort junk food. Am I defending it? No. Neither am I intellectualizing it because well, nothing qualifies the show for that!

I didn’t expect much

I didn’t expect much going into it. I was clueless since I skipped the trailer. What I did expect was to leave my stressed brain behind and immerse myself in a world far far away. I did judge it by the cover. In that regards, the show achieved it’s goal for me and I am quite pleased.

Her job as a Social Media Specialist

The show heavily focuses on Emily’s job. She is a Social Media Strategist. As Hollywood hacks every job in their shows and films, this one is no different. I being a Digital Marketing professional and having taken up similar responsibilities, can attest that some of the stuff mentioned is not really accurate. Also, the lifestyle of a Social Media Specialist/Strategist is way overhyped – there’s not much dramatics and the glam. Our days start and end behind laptops and NOT taking 3 hour lunches. Sadly. BUT, her ideas are good!

Another thing that I’m not that wild about the premise is where she starts with 48 odd followers on her personal and grows them beyond 10K-20K in a few days/months? Time is not of the essence in this show, clearly. How she achieves it is a mystery considering she uses just one hashtag and the quality of content is trés ringarde! That kind of growth seems suspicious.

She also mentions something about growing followers and sales for a tourism account when someone searches online for certain keywords. That is a role of an SEO expert, not Social Media. Both can be integrated to improve results but it is not interchangeable.

Maybe I am being too nerdy about this, but that was the only point of the show that I happened to focus on that didn’t sit right with me. That was the one thing the writers could have fact-checked and verified!

After watching the series and stalking the instagram, I was surprised to see a messy Instagram account. The Social Media person on Netflix or this show definitely missed a lot of potential to integrate the user experience. Surprising for Netflix, since they are so good at their game.

If it were me, I definitely would MaKe the account they showed in the series real, that would have been great marketing. That would have engaged viewers long after they’re done with the show. It would have given us a peek into her life. That is my only gripe of an opportunity lost.

What I liked

I liked that Emily is tenacious and gritty! The other qualities not so much. I didn’t take her or anyone else seriously enough to be invested, some would say that is a flaw in the script, it is and also not.

I liked her friendship with Mindy! They needed more adventures.

Accuracy 1/5

Having moved a country for job and from the experience of it all, I don’t think much of it was accurate. It was superficial, like SO MUCH. Was I disappointed? No. I wasn’t expecting a character study.

The main lead in Emily in Paris is Paris

The lead of the film, delivers. I’m not talking about Lilly Collins, she good too though! The cinematography and the visual made me want to maybe move and go on an adventure. I’ve never been particularly a fan of Paris, so a success for Netflix?

The characters were overall superficial, let’s not try to make it more than what it was.

This was a cute “insta movie” concept. It was cute. Nothing more, nothing less.

Emily in Paris location

Here’s the teaser, if you’re curious about the show.

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IMAGES: Copyrights of NETFLIX 2020.



  1. I haven’t seen the series but my husband works as a social media strategist and you can’t call yourself that with 48 followers LOL… that said you see ‘influencers’ and ‘social media specialists’ who have barely 200 followers so who knows, that may be accurate. But what’s the actual return on investment for the clients? Should watch it just for kicks LOL, but I don’t have Netflix

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean they can be specialists and not have followers. Followers is not really the criteria. But when you don’t use social media like one, that’s a big giveaway 😛 At the end of day, it’s a job. You don’t need followers to do yours well. But staying updated is key. Her character didn’t. And clients look for people who have a track record of growing social for others, not necessarily personal accounts. As you said, it’s just a fun watch. 😛 If you guys do watch it, would love to hear your thoughts.


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