I hear you

When the sun is trying to inch up

Before the twilight hits the horizon

I hear you.

I hear you as the night closes in

Just as my head hits the pillow

And the sleep is nowhere to be found

I hear you.

I hear you

Underneath my breath

Just as it reaches my ribs

I hear you in the exhale.

I hear you

But sometimes

It is so hard to listen

Harder to recognize your presence

You’ve never sought the spotlight!

I hear you even when I don’t

I try to forget that you even exist

By distraction

The phone, Netflix and social media are enough to keep you away.

I hear you

But I still seek advice and opinion of my allies

When I could just hear you!

I’m sorry

For all the times I’ve ignored you

For all the time I played you off as anxiety

You – my instinct – we used to know each other .

I’ve let us become estranged

The fault is mine

Every time you creep up on my conscious being

I withdraw from you

Instead of running to you.

I wish I hadn’t

Because nothing else has helped me avoid huge mistakes and heartbreak than listening to you

And now that I haven’t, I have a few new lessons to heal from.

Know this,

No matter how ever much I push you away.

You are always welcome,

To throw yourself onto me at any given time,

The next time around, I will LISTEN!

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