Why Dwight Schrute Should Be the Official Coronavirus Response Team At Every Workplace

 If you have ever watched The Office as obsessively as some of us have, you would know that Dwight Schrute has many talents. One of which would be highly useful in the time of crisis that we face today. He has extreme-survival scenarios planned and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to beat the pandemic that we face today, the Coronavirus. 

He is so immaculate in his planning that he has a strong course of action for every possible crisis-scenario. This is evident in the fire safety close open in Season 5 Episodes 14/15 that was created specifically to lure in new audiences for the Super Bowl 2009. 

Forever a beet farmer, journey of a certain Dwight Shrute in Pandemic be like…

This clip goes to show that he will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of his peers and that they abide by all protocols necessary to beat the crisis. He has no mercy, which is not ideal; however, this kind of preparation would have been extremely useful weeks before when the workplaces were part of the problem and reluctant to follow the social distancing measures or procedures to stay safe. 

But there is more to his character than planning for imaginary crisis-scenarios. And these qualities would have been ideal for an official response team at the workplace. 

Dwight Schrute is DEDICATED. 

We have learned through the seasons of the Office that Dwight Schrute has a colourful life that we did not expect. However, what is evident from the first episode of the show is that he is determined to be the best at all costs, sometimes to a fault. While this would not be entirely  to deal with the COVID situation, it gives a peek into a persevering individual who is goal-oriented. Having such an individual guiding people at the workplace to follow the measures to the T is what we needed. 

Dwight Schrute would have been the crusader who fought for ‘work from home’ for the staff and convince the higher ups who were reluctant to see the seriousness of the pandemic. He also would have prepared a series of presentations showing reports and statistics of the pandemic and how to mitigate the risk for the business. 

He is solution-oriented. 

Granted, that Dwight is extreme in his approach to, well anything, this personality flaw could have been extremely handy in dealing with “high-risk” people being part of the problem. Even in difficult circumstances, he looks for ways to overcome it with crafty solutions. Every workplace needs a person as willing to look for a solution instead of looking at the problem. 

He is one step ahead of the crowd. 

Dwight Schrute does not trust technology or its ability to protect one’s privacy. This was before we were concerned about online privacy more than social distancing and being safe. This ability to stay ahead of the crowd and foresee and take likely steps to mitigate future risk would have been extremely resourceful at a modern workplace. 

These qualities would make him a workplace hero in the current situation. His resilience against a crisis and determination to be clear-headed and find a solution when a business seemingly is not ready for a global pandemic would have been the quality that most HR interviews probably don’t even consider. 

My key takeaways from studying this character has been always be prepared, show integrity and discipline in times of crisis and always look for a solution.

Another takeaway; Dwight Schrute is the unconventional hero that we need in the times of Covid-19.

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Are you team Dwight or team Jim? Or neither?! *gasp* Leave your comments below 🙂


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