The Ghost Is In My Head Or a Friend?

How do you remember a ghost of a person
Someone who you thought saw you,

Completely, no questions asked
Instead it was just a mirage.

These days, I don’t think I entirely see myself,
Who I was,
I know I’m stronger for all the pain and resistance
I am even proud of this version,
But the old me is so far away,
That I can’t feel it’s me anymore.

Does growth always come with a dissociation?
Or did I come for this,
And entirely lost myself in the process.

Some days I want to break free,
Be irresponsible and carefree,
Let things fall and even shatter them if need be,

The ghost is me or was it a friend,
Both seem to be a mirage,
And these days I don’t trust either of them!

Credits: flyingonemptythoughts

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