Tree, Sky, Tree : Witnessing Changing Seasons In Canada

Seasons through the sky, Canada

One year. One excruciating year of madness, a rollercoaster ride. I am not sure where I stand.

picture of fall leaves, fall in canada, canadian weather
Spring in Canada, 2019

I think I’ve seen all the seasons there is in this beautiful country. I particularly fell in love with Winters (no sarcasm there). Summer made me angry because it was sizzling. Almost matching temperatures of Bombay. I’ve survived, hurray. But this year around, I fear the Winter.

Maybe it’s like love at first sight, the view through the rose tinted glasses and such other crappy metaphors. Now every gust of chilly breeze makes me wonder if I am going to lose my marbles this winter. When the newness of being away from a tropical, humid weather wears away.

The seasonal transitions however are stunning to watch. And I don’t have to be at a scenic sight to see that, a walk down my street is enough to witness the beauty.

downtown toronto summer in canada, near CN tower
Summer , Canada 2019

I think nature is growing on me. That’s a lot coming from a city girl.

I was dumbfounded by the splash of colours across the street just as Canadian spring made an entrance. The sky was startling blue, and so much closer; almost as if it was reaching out to show it’s presence.

I wonder if this new lens wears off; because I don’t want it too. I still want to be amazed at the new colours and brilliance around me. Jaded is not a nice look for me, I’ve realised.

Fall in canada, october weather canada, autumns in canada
Autumn/ Fall, 2018

There are days when I am in my own mental storm and I look out and for that one moment I am distracted by all the beauty.

Is there a point to this post?

My existentialism whispers ,’is there a point to anything’. I’ll park that thought for a while, till you stare at this pictures.

Last year has been excruciating, however, the views have made it worth it.

winters in canada
snowfall on the street and footsteps
Winter 2018


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