Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

The gritty streets of Chor Bazaar, aka the flea market of South Mumbai

If you are a fan of flea market, then Chor Bazaar is really up your alley. Located in the South of Mumbai, it is the largest flea market in the city.

‘Chor’ in Hindi and Marathi translates to Thief. Legend has it that Queen Victoria who was the Empress of India in the British Raj lost some of her previous precious when she landed in Bombay (now Mumbai) which later was allegedly sold at this Bazaar; thus came to be known as Chor Bazaar.

Obviously these days, it is mostly just antiques. Some of these pieces are really fascinating. If you are into posters, some of these shops have the best examples of vintage art, even noir. In fact, there is something for everyone here.

Word of caution: This being a rougher neighborhood, it is better to go in groups and preferably dressed inconspicuously. Also, going here on a blistering summer day is a terrible idea!

It was an experience roaming around these streets. I am not sure why I’ve held onto these pictures for so long and not posted it. Maybe because this is nothing like I’d usually capture. Portrait photography isn’t really my thing but I think I’ll be looking at it differently.

Chor Bazaar in Mumbai definitely is colourful!

Do you wish to see the portraits in black and white; I’m pretty curious how that would turn out? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂


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