The Anchor

I wish I had some pretty words to say about it

Or wax poetic about the highs

as much as I know – have felt,

the lows have been pretty damn self-destructive

but I know this,

love – in whatever form – has kept me sane,

more than insane.


It’s been an anchor to my floating ship,

and now that I am so away from the shore,

I realize it,

the bonds I share, they never really sever,

unless it’s been a choice.

then there are times

when my idle mind loves finding trouble, just to fix it,

when life isn’t as rosy

and the shore appears farther away than it earlier seemed.


Then the anchor drags me back through the current,

holding me still, safe and sound,

until I am found

in calm waters

one which I can tread.


Featured Image: Pixabay

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