It comes in waves

Does it matter?

If you don’t know.

Does it matter?

If I don’t show.

I am away now from everything I love and hold dear,

My ship is anchored miles away from what I used to be,

I am learning a lot about words and verbs.

In my book —

As ironic as it may be —

Words don’t matter,

Actions do.

If you matter,

You’d never be unsure of it.

If you matter,

A word is the last assurance you need to know.

If you matter,

The last thing you need to worry is how to reach out.

I am away,

And today, I am running through the currents,

The waves crash upon me

And I wonder if leaving the shore,

Was even a good idea.

Because right now everything I need seems to be on the otherside of the world

I just want to rest my head at home.

Featured Image: Pexels


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