All I want you to do right now is write a love letter to yourself, that’s all

If you are reading this, I want you to do just that. Just because.

We’re pretty harsh on ourselves and sometimes hinder everything good happening, because we step in your own way.

Take time to appreciate who you are, however you are. Don’t know how to do that? Imagine yourself as your best friend and cheer on. Let’s do this. This might seem an exercise in vanity, but it’s not. Loving yourself, the imperfect self starts with tiny steps.

Am I any good at this, self-love thingy? No. For the longest time it felt like a self-help trend, to be honest. It seemed a task, insurmountable one at that. What changed? I don’t have an option but to be nicer to myself!

Lately, it’s just been me against the world. My regular stream of constant self-critiquing doesn’t do wonders for the mental health or the esteem. It’s times like these you need to pull-up your socks and get out of your head and at the same time appreciate the good that you do.

Self-love, I am no good at it. Maybe it’s just this moment that seems perfect to be kinder to myself than I was earlier. It’s a practice. Sometimes these affirmations do sound hollow, but maybe just starting on it is already a step ahead?

So if you are reading this, I want you to write a letter to yourself like you would to your best friend/partner or the person that means the most to you. I want you to really read it and accept it. You don’t have to share it with a soul but you need to read those words to yourself.

Accept your flaws, try to be better and love yourself along the way.

Here’s mine.

Remember, I love you. You are flawed,imperfect, messy, sometimes not the best person to be around. But your kindness shines through. Even through all the layers of cynicism, guilt, it is clear your heart is in the right place — even though you sometimes want it to be set of stone.

You are okay. Everything will be fine and if not, you will learn to deal with the hurdles. Hey you are doing decent till now, give yourself some credit. Give yourself a break and I DO NOT MEAN PROCRASTINATE. Don’t be so unsure of yourself, or harsh on yourself. You are amazing!

You deserve love unconditionally and you do deserve the love you give to be reciprocated. And the respect too.

Those who don’t know your worth, well it’s their loss. You deserve success, happiness, (booze?), prosperity and most of all *love*. Be sure to spot the right one when you see it.

Don’t invest your energy in something that doesn’t make you want to be where you want to go. Don’t invest your time in things and people who don’t make you feel the best even when you give your best.

I want to thank you for sticking by, for persisting when it was so tempting to give up. I want to thank you for trying to be less cynical. I want you to know that although it seems like a bad idea to keep on giving, you need to do it but this time around with boundaries. Thanks, for making it through the day. For the countless jokes that no one ever finds funny, thanks for laughing at them when no one would.

I want you to remember that don’t have to realise your worth when someone validates it, know it at your core. If your heart and intent is right, you are already ahead. Stay there and keep growing.

Be your best and do your best , and that’s what anybody can ask for. Till then, learn to be.

I don’t think I’ve been so nice to me ever. Surprising, since I would easily say this a loved one. It’s a hard pill to swallow and this is just a beginning?



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