13 things you’ll learn when you shift countries

Overhauling your life across continents doesn’t always make you a better person. I’m learning to do just that.

Moved to Canada exactly a month ago. Better opportunities, yada yada yada. If I could underplay it, I’d say I wanted to shake things up, big time. Seems like I am doing it.

Just a month and I have already learnt a few lessons.

1. Don’t expect things to go your way

Seems pretty obvious, but I was surprised how unnerving it was even when I was mentally prepared for it. It’s easy to give yourself a pep talk when you are not in it than when you are facing it.

2. Family and your support system matter

I have come to realise I’ve taken them for granted. Homesickness is real and you constantly need to work on it. I was pretty independent in most ways but it still hit hard. I am learning the importance of hugging the life out of everyone I love. 😜

3. You are going to be a horrible person

If you think you are going ot learn and grow, well here’s the news for you. Till you reach that stage there is a high possibility that you might come across as a douchebag at some point, and you will most possibly be it. I am/was. It’s a work in progress.

4. Your perception is not a reality

Boy, this was the hardest thing to learn. Surprised it happened so much. What you think of yourself or others is bullshit. Reality is something else. The person you thought negatively about is probably not at fault at all. Maybe you need to look outside of yourself and see things more clearly.

5. A horrible day does not make a horrible life

The urge to run away ( home) is real. Mostly because you are overwhelmed. Hustle hard or sleep on it, either works.

6. A few people won’t be nice, most are not your enemy

I had to work on this. I am cynical, also idealistic. (I don’t know how that works!) I’ve learnt that while there are people who are transactional, there are others who are fine to interact with. Get out of your head.

Be wary but not suspicious. That’s just messed up.

7. Get ready to be uncomfortable and love it

It happens everyday, just deal with it. It’s going to be that way for a while.

8. Look forward. Always

Staying in past and letting go is easy. Look forward. Some days it’s going to be real hard to find the path but if you follow long enough, it will be obvious soon enough.

9. Just be

I have a disease, it is called overthinking. It ruins so many things. Now, I intend to just be.

10. At some point you will want to go back home

For me it happened pretty quickly. But I am learning to fight through it. It’s normal I suppose, especially since it’s hard to acclimate yourself to a new culture and surrounding. It gets better if you make efforts.

11. You are going to hate the process of having a meal

Like any normal person I like good food. But I didn’t know it was going to be such a pain. Many days you’ll be wondering if your full time job is just to feed your stomach. It’s exhausting! This is exhausting if you have to juggle with all the other stuff.

12. You will mess up and embarass yourself

Happens. I am still getting over it. I already have botched up a few things but it’s a process, a long drawn one.

13. Work on having faith

This is hard. Even when everything is not working out, you will need to have faith that you will figure things out. It’s tough to see that but faith in yourself is important.

Now that all that boring stuff is over. The best thing I’ve learnt is that even shitty days make for great photos because so pretty wherever my eyes see! (nice segue?)


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