The Hum of The Lonely

Do you ever hear that hum,
It is silent,
You don’t notice it at all, at first
Everything around you slows down,
Till you finally see,
The void left by the hum.

melancholy lonely poem about loneliness

They said they’d be there,
Waiting on the sidelines to cheer you,
Or a shoulder to cry if things were to go awry,
You believed it,
Because it felt safer than to question it.

But next time the hum visits you,
And they aren’t anywhere to be seen,
Question them; look within yourself,
Do you need them?
Does it even matter?
When you can come to terms that this hum will follow you everywhere.

melancholy-lonely poem about loneliness walking alone

That silent hum will cheer you from the sidelines,
Be the reason you need a shoulder to cry on,
And sometimes it might even become your best mate,
But you must resist
At all costs, resist letting the void in your heart,
Because shoulders may change and so will people on the sidelines.

In the end, all you have is your strength,
Your brand of struggles, misery and joy
And everytime the hum visits you,
You need to be an impatient host,
Then show it the door
And move on, out of your own way.


The hum is a reality,
And you need to call a truce with it,
All you have is your faith, the sum of all your believes that will mute the hum long enough to feel ignored,
It’ll try to get in touch every now and then,
Keep busy, and keep moving forward.



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