A Portrait That Walks Away

I love capturing a story. A fleeting emotion. None of them can be technically called portraits.

This was one of the best times. Unplanned, honest and so much fun. It’s amazing how you have zero expectations and things just seem to work out.

I remember feeling at peace, blissfully happy. The kind of happy that you seek away from the mundane life. It was definitely the people, but also the ocean on the side.

The abandoned beach with few souls to spare and canines resting by the sand, it seemed – perfect. In many ways, it was.

If I could pick moments of my life and place it on a timeline, this carefree moment would likely be a part of it.

This portait, it will be burned in my memory.

The uncertainty in that pure moment of bliss, that awareness, that one day I will look back and remember breathing in the briny breeze and looking outwards .


Camera: One Plus 5T

Editing: VSCO

In response to : WordPress Photography Challenge



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