Today We Stop Pretending 

What if,
For a day we could all stop pretending
To be good, bad, cool, sufficient, independent, happy.

When I ask, if everything is okay,
You actually tell me what’s on your mind
Rather than a meagre ‘I’m fine’.

What if we just went with the flow,
Actually spoke our minds,
Everything that bothers us, hurts us, disappoints us.

Maybe I could tell you, you are important to me,
And you’d agree,
Or not
And that’s fine.

Maybe we could stop playing this game of tag,
This pretense to be cool and sorted
When each of us are having these 1000 thoughts haunting our minds,
Breaking us each day.

Maybe, just maybe,
We’d be vulnerable
Scarily so.

We’d understand, why the lack of pretense was a worth gamble.

We’d tell when we loved the other,
Instead of pretending to be cool
We’d speak our minds when something hurts us.

We’d be more than this –
This image of independence and pride.

We’d be happy in our vulnerability.

We’d stop playing parts for a role we didn’t audition for.



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