Wish It Was This Easy

I wish life was easy

I wish we didn’t complicate it

By running it around in our head so much.

I wish saying it out loud was simpler

I wish those small things mattered, they got noticed.

I wish being happy was easier

And that it didn’t take so much damn work,

It is exhausting.

I wish I didn’t find so much comfort in solitude and melancholy,

It gets darker on my side here.

I wish for all of these,

Knowing full well that I am the culprit somewhere.

I wish leaving didn’t mean leaving behind some faces

I wish it didn’t mean hanging on to something so vague that it is far beyond your control or comprehension.

I wish moving on, taking a clean break

Would work, finally this time

I wish that all my vices ran away from me as I escape

Because, all it seems to do is drag me down.

And you, I wish I knew what I am doing with you,

Because, God knows, I have no idea how to get out of the mess, this time.

I wish to be beneath a starry sky with no thoughts to muddle my peace.

I want all of these, but does it really ever work that way?

Who knows.




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