Difficulty In Getting By

Don’t you want to shout at the wind today,

Scream so loud that your voice is hoarse.

Don’t you want to relinquish every burden today,

Leave this life behind and escape into the blissful void.

Don’t you want to stay in this cocoon today,

Before tomorrows coming knocking at your door.

Don’t you want to breathe easy today,

Release that breath you are trying to hold on to for so long. Leave it be.

Don’t you want to stop playing the same thoughts on repeat,

Because I want to stop them from unleashing havoc in my mind,

Because I am so tired, exhausted,

And I still have lifetime to go.

I’d love to take that deep breath,

And let everything and everyone fall off my mind,

Go back to the void.

Void is my cocoon and sometimes it knows me better than anyone else, ever can.

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