The Train Isn’t Leaving The Station. Is It? 

I am not philosophical. I’ve learnt not to take life seriously, because well, it has its own will, no matter how much of a control freak you are.

Life, I have learnt is much like having a mane of curly hair, it does what it wants to, sometimes it might let you have a good hair day.

As you can see, my philosophy is misguided set of analogies and some pretty shitty metaphors. I realise that, I keep it that way, because it amuses me.

Life is also like a longish sentence with one too many commas, because why make it easy when you can string along a lot of things that don’t matter, when you can complicate things in general.

I promise I am out of these analogies. The next thing is not an analogy. Also, this post might have a lot of I’s (I might be a closeted narcissist…might).
Right now in life feels like standing at a train platform waiting for the next one to stop by. Of course, the said train manages to be late, coincidentally when you have to be somewhere. At this very moment you wonder, if you should leave taking the train business altogether, and look out for other modes of transport.

But! But…if you leave now, it might just happen that the said train waddles along and you would’ve been a fool who missed it since you were impatient. So you are confused, should I wait for 10 more minutes or just walk off.

Life pretty much feels like that clashing, confusing decision — should I stay or should I go now? The opportunity loss of course is a bitch.

This entire train situation becomes a right mess when you don’t know which train you are looking for either!

My strategy has been so far to give myself a deadline, and then shove off. No one has the time for all that waiting.

The said strategy has got me success in my travels, not sure if its the right track for the life though. Life is after all, a shaggy mane of hair, waiting to frizz up at most inopportune moments.

If this post makes no sense to you, it’s okay, we share a common belief. I seem to have lost my train of thought.


Seriously though, I haven’t a clue why I wrote this. The train had something to do with it, probably.

Feature Image: Pexels






  1. A line from the film ‘Jurassic Park’s that control is a myth. I fully agree with having experienced the ups and downs , surprises and dejections of life. Life is not a smooth journey and I am in sync with your train of thoughts.

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  2. I kinda liked that I didn’t know where I, we, it, this piece was headed to be honest. Although it all felt a bit jumbled in my mind, I liked how you told us it was okay to feel that way. Sometimes we just have to be in the moment, right? I’m not too sure that the ‘so what?’ element of the piece is quite there yet, but I do like how it’s allowed me to go away and think about my own train (trail?) of thought. Thanks for sharing!

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