What I Think About Poetry 

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My bit for #WorldPoetryDay





I remember as a child, we were forced to read poems like Daffodil and discuss the meaning of it. Since that day I had a deep dislike (almost hate) for poetry.

The ‘real poets’ of the world taught me that poems are pretentious and nothing can be said in a straightforward manner. For instance, if you have a simple taught about drinking tea, you complicate the shit out of it. And damn it, the rhyming schemes seemed contrived!

When I started writing  years back, I recollect penning down things. Random things; today they are known as poems. For years I’d write the thoughts of my messy head and refuse to accept it as poetry. It wasn’t prose and did follow the ‘rules of poetry’. I was totally fine with my denial.

Then I read Charles Bukowski.

This man single-handedly made me fall in love with unconventional form of poetry. While the students might never read one of his works in school; they lack severely. His brutal words flowed, seeped into my brain to be recollected at a later stage. To me, he was a rebellious poet. His honesty discarded the contrived nature of poetry.

There was no stupid rhyming schemes or the stanzas or whatsoever.There were just words that spoke to your heart and that was it. This is the kind of poetry that I love.

Today, on the  World Poetry Day I am reminded and also inspired by new age poets.

Writers like Tyler Kent White, Rupi Kaur redefine the definition of poetry and yes familiarize the distracted generation to this art form. I am so glad that the rules have changed and all that matters are words hitting you.

Because, let’s face it. If not for poetry I wouldn’t know where to channel my passive aggressiveness!


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  1. Oh my gosh I was delighted when I discovered Bukowski! To me poetry is the one form of writing where rules can fly out the door. You’re free. I like when you said, “It is about sorting the mess in your head.” That’s exactly what poetry has done for me.

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