She Saw The World

She saw the world. It was grimy, dirty and it stank. The moon shone its light on vile streets. People hung around it till the night ate them up slowly.

The animals started their march next; they veered off the streets of course, their souls far too pure for it. Instead they lurked in corners, hidden from sight and awaited for the morning to come.

She found them. They screeched and screeched until she was a part of them.

The streets are still the same. But she had changed; she was saved. An animal of her own right, she became.



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Image Credit:    via Magdeleine


  1. Simply beautiful. I really love the concept of a 100 word piece. It immediately hooked me, instantly curious to see what you would pack inside such a small box. And it’s so full.
    I love it. Really.
    I love the movement of the piece. How you can feel time acting as a liquid. I got an almost, “creation of the world” feel as well as a present time feel. Very layered.
    Thank you for writing it.

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