Spare The Time For Elegance


This week I am inspired  by all things elegant. Not only this take on weekly challenge but things in general.  From enjoying simple things as meeting a friend for a movie to spending the weekend not overthinking things.

Elegant Classics
Just finished watching Roman Holiday, and boy was I impressed! Audrey Hepburn is grace personified,  her eyes can emote a million different  expressions. Her presence is magnetic, even a great male lead fails to compete with that.  Loved the ending too,  it was not neatly tied up for a ‘hollywood ending’. I know I will be catching up on her other movies.

There is something so immensely  elegant about  old classics that is extinct in current bunch of releases.



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  1. I lived in Rome for 18 months in the ’80s and it has stayed in my heart ever since. When I need a fix I reach for Roman Holiday or la Dolce Vita …. and there I am pretending to be Audry, Anita and Anouk as a 20 something in that glorious city all over again. I feel no older, I feel no wiser, I just feel the better for the feeling.

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