Dune by the Dark

He closed his eyes, and he saw exactly what he saw when they could see.
He wondered if this was what void felt like. Black air pressing against you.
It was getting colder. Something was happening, something he was clueless about.
Cold and the desert felt sharp against his skin. It had been a day since he’d landed here with a torn parachute. He clutched the remains of the chute to protect himself against the cold. He’d walked till the night closed in on him. Throat parched, feet sore, he finally fell into the sand.

He could see the stars, millions of them. If he turned his head to the right, he would find the Milky Way. He was amazed, lost, scared and frustrated. The night made him aware of that, of him — more than ever.
No one would find him here. He didn’t know where he was. Wherever he was, he was damn sure there was no town or street nearby this dune.

His phone was lying shattered from the fall near his feet, completely useless. He was grateful that he fell into soft sand rather than hanging broken somewhere on a treetop. Man against nature, he wondered if he had any odds of keeping it that way.

He knew he should make a plan, plan his survival out of this hell. For now, all he needed was to close his eyes and embrace the darkness. The infinite darkness that lies ahead of him.

In response to Hitrecord Prompt : DARK


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