Idyllic ,or is it?

Prompt: What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Ahh, the ideal life. Such a spectacular myth.

Honestly as Helen here said,this question just leads to all kinds of sappy. I agree to what she says, could relate to a great extent.
In an idyllic life I’d live by a beach,  I probably won’t be in human form.

Sometimes it does feel like you have to fight a battle to retain some amount of humanity.

In an idyllic community, I would find every person to be genuine , have a wicked sense of humor, penchant for sarcasm. They would be frank, even if leads to some issues- as if there aren’t already. Life would be straighforward,simple, less manipulated to fit our beliefs of what “happy” is. We would all be eternally happy instead of trying to pursue the idea of happiness.
People wouldn’t be full of s**t, I wouldn’t be full of s**t. Yeah,it happens.

There’d be transparency all around, equality in all aspects.
There’d be more happy moments, and all other sappy stuff.

But as I am thinking of this idyllic life, I am forced to think, how really different it would be to my life now or don’t I have a choice to have that idyllic  life as far as reality allows. Would I even like that life?

I am not sure I even want to address this line of thought.


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Thanks for reading and keep smiling!


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