Sarcys of the world.Unite.

So WordPress asked us to create our own zodiac ,sounds fun! Here’s my best possible attempt at it (yes that was sarcasm).
This zodiac will be called “Sarcy” .(Take a guess what it stands for! 😝)
The logo for this zodiac  would look something like this.

Yep, this took ages to draw.
Yep, this took ages to draw.

A person with this zodiac would be born on 32nd of December.  This person would be a decent person (conditions apply) . A Sarcy would make the world a bitter place (ahem..  Better*). A sarcy would spread rainbows and walk on clouds wherever they go.  Sarcy’s are very talented with words (and ahem insults), so good  that  you wouldn’t  know what hit you hence their insults don’t hurt you.In short no one gets hurt, so they  are good people.
The preferred career for them would be stand up comedy route or such.
They basically have a positive outlook on life. Intellectually  they are more evolved compared to the other zodiacs.
In short,  all ‘Sarcy’s’ are pretty dang awesome!

If you are reading this, what’s  your real zodiac? Lemme know 😉

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