Oil meet Water

 Prompt: Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

This was easy! The person who is most unlike me  is one my good friends, N.  We are poles apart ,there I said it and I think she would agree!

While N is more of a calm person (cool as a cucumber – the phrase fits her perfectly) while  I am more  intense and hot-tempered.  Nothing  disturbs her, whereas  I am basically an anxious person and who sometimes can’t tune out from the world around. At times, I do wish I was as calm  as her, it would’ve been easier. N is more of an optimist ,while I am a realist with hints of cynicism. 😉 😛

N‘s a Tigger while I’m a Eeyore .


Our differences don’t end there, our  tastes ,hobbies and probably some of our beliefs don’t match either.
N  loves shopping , am not a fan of it. (N is the person to go shopping with, a good bargainer) . I love reading, N can’t finish a book!

Nevertheless, N is a cool person to go to if you’ve had a rotten day, looking for some distraction with light conversation. Even with our differences we do seem to connect — not that the differences don’t pop up, just that we can wade through it.

I think it’s these differences that give us a different perspective. Sometimes it’s better.

Then there are some similarities like, we both like photography.In fact N was my partner in crime for  this photo adventure . Turned out productive .
And as far as the question of getting along — we connect on some level ,and she is a genuine person at heart, which in my opinion is tough to find these days in a phony world. Most of all, we get along because I’d like to think we make an effort as friends, to be there in each others lives and not let childish differences be the end of it.

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.” – Scott Peck.

This quote rings true, not only with people but acceptance of difference is sometimes all that matters. For all I know if I met a person who is so similar to me, I might actually hate them, yikes! (err.. on a positive note, love them, never know with those things)



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