Turned Two!

It’s been 2 years and 13 days since I first posted on here. This blog has survived a name change, writers block and what not.

Typical of a first time blogger, I didn’t know if this would even work, the same old doubts of:  what will I even write about or these other bloggers on here are freaking amazing! or what if it sucks bad.

But I got through that phase, thanks to the WordPress prompts and some timely inspirations and such awesome support from this community. It’s been 2 good years and still going strong, the ideas shared and meeting the best of folks here is amazing, and something I look forward to !

Thanks to you lovely folks for dropping by  and for your support and encouragement . Appreciate it  😀




        1. Thanks for your nice words, glad you like the about me page( Writing about self freaks me out 😥, after reading your posts I think am not the only one there.. Glad you are doing it though, takes a lot of guts) Oh and I accept the nomination. 🙂

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