One Snappy Adventure

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This  photographic adventure was fun! Was kind of  nervous if I would get any pictures at all but turned out okay.  A weekend hangout with friend , walking through lanes in the humid sun.  🙂 Camera: Nikon D3200 All images copyrighted. ©

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Joshi Daniel

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey S!
    The one must do thing in your city when 1. I’m there only for a couple of hours (alone), 2. no vehicles so don’t mobilize it too much!


    1. S says:

      I’d say visit south Bombay ( Churchgate,VT ) since most spots are around that area. HAH not having a vehicle is kinda the best thing in Bombay! The transport facilities cab, train are really convenient, no worries on that .


      1. And I would be in Juhu, any enlightenment on that??


        1. S says:

          uhmm there’s the beach there.


          1. Okay thank you! 🙂


  2. Wow. I love the fourth photo. Seemed like the sky opened up. 😀


    1. S says:

      Haha yeah, that’s what made me wanna take that picture.

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