What would Freud say?

In response to Freudian Flips.

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If this doesn’t scare you, somethings wrong with your amygdala!


I had a dream long time ago. It scared me, it felt very real. That’s why I remember it.

In the dream there was a bull charging at  me. It was angry, pretty much running  like it was out to kill me. It was dark, except for the moonlight, which wasn’t much. The whole dream was like a  scary horror movie on steroids ( all this from someone who thinks horror films are funny). It was bad. Technically this was a nightmare.

The bull was stubborn and was chasing me to death ,the chase eventually led to the roof . I thought  the roof must be safe for sure, but no it followed me to the roof. Can you believe it , roof?! Now that I think it was the bull on steroids, probably.

It doesn’t help that this post put back  these grotesque images in my head. So thank you WordPress for bringing back memories and forcing me to be so melodramatic.

Getting back to the topic at hand, what would Freud say? What would be the Freudian interpretation of all this mess?

In one two sentences : I was deeply troubled. My worries were making my life miserable and I was running from it instead of facing it.

I can’t think of any other reason than that for such a horrible dream. Either that or a very futile imagination, which also I’ve been known to have.

In short this is no dream to have, I wouldn’t want to make it real anytime soon.

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