I’ll Pass

I am an awkward expresser (if there is such a thing *rolls eyes*) There I said it!

I’m not that expressive.Apart from boredom,elation and irritation ;everything else is a little difficult for me to express,especially if it’s something important ,especially vocally.

I guess that’s because I am a private person.Or maybe I don’t feel the incessant need to share my feelings all the time or talk about it. Whichever it is ,it’s sure a problem sometimes ;like when I have to console someone, or when I am having the worst time and need to talk someone about it.
And sometimes it’s misunderstood for not being that emotional . Which is definitely false.

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also think it’s how women are portrayed — as sitting around talking about emotions all the time — which adds to the pressure of being more emotionally transparent. I find it being too dramatic and all that drama just puts me off.

Hence,the best thing to do for now is  consider the pros until I can deal with the cons,here they are:

  1. In a way it’s good that I am no good at being expressive because me being too opinionated will sure get someone into trouble.Mostly me. Or maybe that was my lame attempt at rationalizing. (See who needs a shrink when you got in in your head *sigh*)
  2. Hmm.. maybe I’ll be good at poker.
  3. All this mess is good for creative expression.Which I think is as good as any.

Phew this prompt was nerve wrecking…

Also in response to:Daily Prompt: Release Me.

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