In My Element.




For me it’s the most beautiful place. I don’t know why but it just is. Sea just let’s you be. It’s this great force. It can create havoc ,it also can be a heaven.For me it’s the latter .I could have the worst day ever, and being there just makes it all okay. Even if it’s just for a while. It helps me regroup and recharge.

Being at sea or near one ,just seems like a world apart, away from the land.And the idea of someone not liking the beach ,sounds just alien to me .

You know how you get so jaded with everyday things or just life in general ? Just being at sea — feeling the sand/waves beneath my feet, the sound of the wind,and that familiar air through my lungs ,waves crashing — everything about it makes it all so much better. And I am at peace ,there’s no other way to describe it. I feel in my element there (maybe coz I am a piscean) 😉 . But I do know this, that whenever I have to leave, am not much happy about it.

I think beaches are my favorite place to be. Happy is the word I associate with it. 😀 see?

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