In Response to Twenty SomethingsEdition 1

Photo by Michelle Weber.

See her? She’s Em, she’s waiting for her Mom to pick her from daycare.

Today her Mom is late. So I get more time with her.

She is new here. She and I are what you might call “fast friends”.

But people don’t like her talking to me, say am not good. But I am. Good, that is. Well… unless I get angry, but I would never get angry at Em. She’s my friend.

She said she moved here because she had some problems at back home. She wouldn’t tell me anything about it though. I am pretty sure eventually she will. She says in this city everything is much brighter. Everyone seems busy. I suppose it was very different from where she came from.

It’s not all bright and shiny here. It’s dark. There are places you’re not supposed to go and people you are not supposed to meet. Then… Bad things happen. See everything that shines is not gold after all?! But I guess she’s doesn’t see that, how can she, she’s a newbie to this town. It hasn’t grown on her. Yet.

One thing I know about her, she likes spinning. She says that’s her most favourite thing in the world. No wonder she’s been monopolizing the spinning wheel ever since she came here. She doesn’t get dizzy either, which is weird. I guess that’s a lot coming from me!
I don’t know what’s with her today though, she is quiet and she hasn’t played usual games yet neither has spoken to anyone. She just seems lost. I ask her if she is okay. She assures me she is fine.

Maybe she’s the shy one.No but that doesn’t fit, she just looks sad. What is she thinking? And I ask her that. “My mom’s late,” she says.
I think she doesn’t want to talk to me.  Don’t worry, she will be here soon, I will wait with you; I assure her. “Thanks” Em smiles.

Hmmm, very few kids are left now, most of them have gone home.

Wait! Look there’s a car is it your mom’s, Em?
“Yeah, thank god for that!” Em replies, she seems relieved. You’ll introduce me? I ask  “Sure, why not,” she says.

Her mom shuts the car door and comes running to meet her. “I’m so sorry! Honey, had a lot of work today, new job and all you know, are you okay?” Em’s mom says
“I’m fine Ma! Let’s go” Oh, she already leaving!
Hey Em! I shout out to her.
“Oh, yeah, sorry I forgot,”  Em says
“Honey, what is it?”

“Ma I forgot to introduce my friend, this is Ally,” she says looking at me.
I put on the best smile for her mom.
“Em who? what are you talking about?!”
“Her, Ally!” She says pointing at me.
“There’s no one Em, no one there, are you starting  to give me trouble again, we just moved here!”  Her mom says pulling Em with her to the car.
“Mom she’s my new friend, she wanted to meet you”
“Em I don’t want this kind of talk now, do you get that?”
“But Ma..”
They both get into the car and drive away.
“Ma she got into the car with us.”

Em’s mother looks through the rearview mirror and then she looks back at her daughter. Then she looks back again in the mirror. I smile.
Then everything is spinning. The road, the trees, the sky everything. Bet Em must like this so much! The car spins for what seems forever and then jerks to a stop wrapping itself around a street light. With the loudest noise, I ever heard. I smile.

Guess Em and I are friends forever now…

(Also in response to this prompt.)

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words.


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