The Clichéd Undead.

Daily Prompt: Never.Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN.

Honestly there are days when I write a lot of crap but the one thing I would never never never ever write is anything about Vampires(shape shifter,werewolf). It’s not like I really have to stop myself from writing that either (feel free to take that sentence as smothered with sarcasm) Why? Because it annoys me to go into a bookstore or online and see these shitload of books on vampire. The supply of such books — story quality, lack of originality — itself is mind boggling. Thank you Stephenie Meyer for pioneering what was clichéd even more so.

Though I don’t have any problem with supernatural genre  (think Stephen King)  but come on do we need any more of the clichéd undead worming their way into a bookstore and merchandises or movies.

Cover of "Let the Right One In: A Novel"
Cover of Let the Right One In: A Novel

PS: I do think Let me In is the coolest(original) Vampire movies ever made ,also plan to read the book  it was based on.

PPS: This prompt is such an irony.



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  1. Can’t say I blame you for being fed up with vampire stories. Seems everyone jumped on the bandwagon and now the market is flooded. But, cheer up! This too shall pass until the next big thing comes along!

    Great post and I love your site!


    1. Hehe thanks… Am sure this too shall pass,hopefully it’s sooner. Thanks for the like, you have a fun blog there, hope to read many more great post.Tc.


    1. Thanks 🙂 You have a really crazy colorful blog there. Nice yourself!


      1. TrashBash says:

        Ha – I know – I don’t even know how it happened. Honestly i started with just white and black. Simple. x


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