The 6th floor.

Daily Prompt: Elevator.

Remember, I am not trying to orbit the earth. It is a simple elevator ride for 20 minutes.
Brian Walker


The elevator door opened. He walked in and pushed the 12th floor button. He waited with nervous impatience in hopes of reaching the office as soon as he could. He couldn’t afford to be late again for the meeting. His job depended on it.

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This day hadn’t started well for him — he got up early  prepared for the meeting, got ready  and still had enough time to reach office well before time. Unfortunately for him, his car broke down. He had to take a cab to the station, only to see his train leave and wait for the next one. He couldn’t afford to lose a job again, he was hardly getting by as it is. He couldn’t be late, he thought as he waited .

‘’Today just might be the awesomest of all shitty days’’ he mumbled, tapping his foot anxiously  on the elevator floor. The elevator car was on the third floor. And it stopped.

* Ting* The doors opened. “Not now”, he cried  in frustration.

In came a man — in his 40’s dressed in a large black overcoat — and pushed the button for 25th floor. And they both waited for their turn to get out the elevator. He looked at the elder man ,who gave him a smile. He nodded.

For some reason he found the man weird. Probably just an instinct or maybe he was being silly again — which was not the most miraculous thing for him these days.*Ting*

He looked up to see the door open in a room that had the ,marking of 6th floor. He took a step back in and pushed the 12 button again , and waited in frustration . He knew he was going to be late. He only prayed , so was everyone else.

*Ting*. The doors were opening again and he sighed. But his eyes fell upon the  number 6 again . He grunted and took a step back into elevator and looked at the elevator indicator, it said the elevator was on 12th floor. This rattled him and he looked towards the elderly man and only to see him smirk . Was he losing his mind today? What was happening?!

He glared at the elevator doors shutting and waited for the third time to reach his office. Time was surely not on his side today. He peeked at the elder man and was startled. The elder man was in a trance or so it seemed. His eyes were sparkling and he had the same smirk on his face. It was then that the elevator stopped on a floor and the doors flung open. But he didn’t see the doors open or the number 6 engraved on the wall outside. He was looking at the man who was staring back at him. He looked away, he felt as if he’d go blind if he looked at the elder man any longer.

He’d never been so scared before in his life. He been rattled to the bone, worried ,angry ,scared and frustrated  – all of that  just in one morning. He wondered what made the elevator stop in a loop on the same floor. It was impossible. Especially when the elevator was going up all the time since he got in.

He was startled as he heard a ringing sound. It was loud and continuous. He’d heard it before. He opened his eyes and and looked around . It was his room . He looked at the annoying ringing – it was his alarm clock .He’d kept the alarm 7 am since it was a big day. The clock glared 6 hours 25minutes and 12 seconds in red.


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