Mall:Identity Crisis , a daily prompt.

Daily Prompt: Stranger.Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

This one funny day I went to a mall with my friends , as most people do. It was a good day I suppose. We were to meet in the mall, so I enter the place — it was crowded– bunch of people loitering around. And me searching for my friend amongst the crowd. I noticed a woman and her teen daughter walking in front of me and some other people around walking around me. I was trying to get through the crowd. And somehow I ended up walking a pace behind the women in my process of getting through the crowd. She suddenly turned around to me and said” I told you to stay with me!”  For a moment we just looked at each other in surprise. All I could do was blink and think What the hell was that.The next second she looked around for her child, it was then I realized she was talking to her.I was in her way.We just looked at each other nodded,laughed and went our own way.

Finally I found my friend ,we loitered for a while waiting for the rest of the gang to turn up. Just chatting utter nonsense that friends do. Usually.  Next thing I know , someone  grabs my arm and says” I told you not to move! Where did you go?!” . It was the same women with her teen daughter. For a second I thought she was delusional, that she thought I was her daughter but then she smirked and it gave her away. I realized she was kidding  and  just acknowledging me as she was passing by.We both cracked up said a few words ,nodded and parted our ways never to meet again.

I looked at my friend who was dumbstruck by all this random laughter .I had to explain the whole incident, of course.

The memory of that encounter  still cracks me up. As far as history of random encounters go this one was by far the funniest of all. It’s great how you can have days that couldn’t be apart from other and something happens that make you think maybe it’s different after all.

On that note here’s a song

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