The Counting…

Daily Prompt: The Clock.

Pretty sure this insomnia was gonna kill me on of these days.Looking at the ceiling seemed like my favourite pastime. Waiting for sleep to come snatch me away into the oblivion. I can’t really say how long I kept staring and not thinking anything at all.  Things started getting hazy after a while.Started to change;that same old confusion between falling asleep and being awake hit me again. Great now I just had to finish counting 4…3…2…  I jumped. What th… oh not now! Not that annoying,noisy beat-down car of  neighbour’s again! I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked a the clock.

It was 4:13 am.

That’s great! Only 3 more hours of sleep now. I can imagine how tomorrow was going to be.  *Sigh* 100..99..98….



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  1. This is one of my favourite prompts so far. Everyone seems to be going down teh very short story route and within 100 words coming out somewhere completely different! Just goes to show how the creativity flows.


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