Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap.How do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

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English: Amazon Kindle DX Graphite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through years I’ve read many books.E-books as well as paperbacks.Off lately, it’s mostly been ebooks. Having read both formats honestly I prefer paperback a.k.a physical books. Sure ebooks are easier and more accessible ; you can carry 100’s of them at a time in a eReader but nothing beats the thrill of reading a paperback.

Nothing beats the smell of a book.The way the pages are perfectly aligned.Nothing beats the feeling you get  when you’ve got through reading  most of book and  seeing first hand how many pages you’ve covered .The silly fun of straightening out those dog-eared pages.It is great to see the crisp white pages turn into sepia tones,seeing it age gracefully.

Old books are even better than new ones. It seems to have a character of its own.Most  people don’t like the idea of secondhand books but I honestly like it.It has its own story.Wondering about the odd notes in  pages by someone or seeing the name of the original owner on the first page,their thought process while reading the same; which leads to a whole world on its own.If  I  have to say it in two words,I’d say — paperback’s  ROCK!

Come to think of it, aren’t the precious antique books in  museums a paperback? Imagining those as an e-book or in an e-book reader ? I’d say good ol’  Gutenberg would be turning in his grave!

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  1. But ebooks are super easier to carry around!! i cannot imagine carrying around those 500 -600 pages novels. i read it on my phone, the best part is, i can read the book from my phone whenever i want to, i don;t have to specially remember to carry the book.


  2. Completely agree – for me it’s the physical pleasure of curling up in a corner with a book in my hand – e-readers just don’t give you the same sense of closeness to the writing. Nice post.


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