I Hate to Love…

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love …is  a crappy novel.

This one was difficult. After racking my brain for what seemed like 10 minutes all I could come up with was — a crappy novel or TV. But since TV ain’t all that bad, novels the winner. Yay! read sarcasm.

What exactly is a ‘crappy novel’ ? Better yet how do I define it?

Now a crappy novel is the same old clichéd novel that you would come across in any bookstore, newspaper mart, folks reading on trains,planes, etc ,etc. Also known as airplane novel.   The  story basically is recycled,mangled,(your choice of word here)  from an old one with some names changed. Nothing new there.

So without  beating around the bush, yeah I like reading crappy novels(mostly mystery) and I hate my guts for it.And why do I keep reading it? Because it’s a no-brainer! It’s easy to get over with and be forgotten. Or I could stop reading it if need be without feeling guilty about it.Yes, it’s no Pulitzer winning novel but after a tough day,bad day,easy day,boring day,happy day,can’t fall asleep day… you get the drift here … it’s a fine way to escape just for a few minutes and not think. Plus it’s a great way to break reader’s block  and cynicism. It’s comforting in an odd way since it is — so cliched –and I get to do all these eye rolls and sarcastic laugh(good exercise in my opinion) at the latest cheesy couple or the lame detective.

Hmm... oh that's how you solve a crime.Silly me!
Hmm… oh that’s how you solve a crime.Silly me !

For me it’s just a break from a messy thing called life  and/or heavy reading.


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