Happy Birthateday!!

Hate birthdays.Todays not my birthday, nor is it tomorrow, in fact its not for two months now. What got me thinking about it was my friend’s birthday-which was yesterday-and it reminded me how much I hate it.But here’s the catch.Only mine.Yes I am one of those weirdos who hate their own birthdays.Everyone else’s is a moment of celebration and parties and I get more excited about celebrating their birthdays than mine which sometimes is baffling to say the least.So when it’s my turn its…well let’s say its a different story.

There were times I knew I hated it but never quite understood why.One thing I remember clearly is as a kid my friends and family singing around the damn cake and me hoping that I could get on with it already.Just hated looking at the cake awkwardly not knowing what to do with my limbs or wondering should I be singing along.All this is ironic since I look forward to,the presents,the wishes,attention,the whole hoopla but on the day I float like a bloody martyr for some reason.

So after some soul searching and shrink sessions with myself have come to a conclusion that am either a masochist or hate that that sort of attention or its just some godforsaken mystery that I’m never to know like many things in life.

And this just seems like a perfect time to solve this situation so here’s my resolution for next year:stop moping around enjoy all the birthdays and the festivities henceforth.And enjoy the only day which I can call my own.

So is it just me hating birthday’s or do you guys too have affliction towards birthdays? Would sure like to hear your thoughts.

What's in that mind of yours?!

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