How to be an awesome procrastinator.

Things you need: You will need:a lot of productive time, insane attitude, a deadline,creativity.

There are few things in life that you could be very good at , which in reality doesn’t matter one bit. One of those things is being a pro at Procrastination.(hah I bring the pro in procrastination :D) . The first thing you need ,to be an awesome procrastinator is awful lot of time to waste. This time–however used productively could bring great results but since you have decided not to do so let’s begin.

Second and most important is being insane with absolute delusion that you can complete a difficult task(presentation,assignments,etc) at the very last moment.

The other thing needed is it wouldn’t be any fun without a deadline would it? There’s no purpose to the whole exercise if there is no deadline. This deadline could be a week ahead, month ahead or maybe just a day ahead. The closer the deadline,the higher the risk but if you manage to get by unscathed, you are already on the road to become a pro in this department! Congrats! A word of warning this supposed deadline could be anything — say a finals,presentation that could well get you a promotion… it could be as easy as putting grocery shopping to the last minute until you are starving and cannot even find a bag of chips around.

Creativity,now pay attention, this plays a vital role in procrastination.You see  the whole point of procrastination is not getting bored, you have to find creative ways to do absolutely nothing productive.The first on the list is TV–no wonder its called the idiot box– the moment its on and bam! 6 hours later you are still stuck in front of  TV looking like you just had your brains removed. Internet is the next — a bit more powerful than TV and has that WOW factor ..since you can choose your way in and still have limitless options to be occupied with.
After all the various trial and error ,the last option to resort to is sleep,staring at walls which are possibly the most boring of all but still effective.Feel free to do other activities that are a complete waste of time like listening to that one narcissistic friend who can’t stop talking about themselves all the while you have your own commentary going on your head


Procrastination is highly addictive and to be done at your own risk.This post is in no way responsible for affecting that said promotion, ruining your mental stability,alienation, etc.Procrastination is a big no-no for workaholics and other ambitious folks .

PS: This is just me procrastinating ;D and having a laugh and hope you had one too 🙂

UPDATE: And to think this was my first ever blog post !


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